About Us


About us

Redpharm (Beijing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Redpharm was founded in 2016, focusing on research & development (R & D) and production of bio-medical products. We are devoted to develop new biological drugs to treat various difficult diseases that endanger humans and animals. We are supported with senior international scientific research team, advanced purification technology, outstanding management concept, and abundant capital. RBL-BJ will continue to focus on the innovation and R & D in the fields of ‘Biopharmaceuticals’, ‘POCT real-time diagnosis’, ‘ARIA retinal scan’, and ‘CRO service’, etc. We aim to fill in the blank space in the relevant biopharmaceutical field, and further to convoy and escort the healthy life of humans and animals.

Capital Intelligence support

The core management of the company is a group of domestic and foreign elites with global vision and rich experience in management and capital operation.

Team R&D Support

Redpharm has a strong R & D team covering scientists in the field of biopharmaceutical, POCT real-time diagnosis, ARIA retina scanning, CRO/CMO services and other well-known institutions and research institutions.

Management mechanism support

First-class management, will be first-class enterprise, Redpharm innovation management mode and mechanism, improve the efficiency of enterprise operation, the enterprise progress and personal value promotion highly integrated, and ultimately realize the personal value and enterprise development win-win situation.

Ethics & Compliance Committee


The well-being of patients, family members and employees is closely related to us. We always have a heart of kindness, which is regarded as the core responsibility of our enterprise.


We firmly believe that building an open and inclusive operating mechanism is conducive to consolidating integrity, improving efficiency and leading innovation.


We adhere to the integrity, the product quality as the lifeblood of the enterprise, the professional management as the basis of foothold. We are very careful, respect for life, for the global user output stable efficient and accurate excellent biological drugs.


We have the enterprising spirit of pioneering and enterprising spirit, and we have the courage to assume corporate social responsibility.