The team cooperation

We adhere to our entrepreneurial dream, advocate the entrepreneurial spirit, praise teamwork culture highly, promote evolution and growth of the organization.


Chief scientist and CEO of Redpharm


The chief scientist Carl (American) studied at (Ivy League)Tufts University and MIT, has obtained multiple chemical and pharmaceutical engineering degree.

Representative works:
Gawryl, M. Clark, T., Rausch, C., “Characterization of highly purified polymerized bovine hemoglobin,” Red Cell Substitutes Proceedings, Second International Symposium of Red Cell Substitutes, ed Sekiguchi,S. 1991, Publisher: Kindai Shuppan, Ltd, p28

He worked as vice president of America Waters Company (one of the 500 Standard&Poors stock index ) from 1981 to 1984, he is also the joint inventor of high performance liquid chromatograph.

He was a co-founder of America BIOPURE Company and appointed as vice president and chief technology officer in 2002.

Mr. Carl was reported by world important medical magazines and media for multiple times because of his commitment to the ALTAPURETM platform research and successful development of high efficiency and high purity oxygen-carrying hemoglobin.

The R&D Team


Redpharm has a group of farsighted scientists from different fields. Efficient, healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise is realized through integrating resources, increase its development and operation ability.


• 中国医学科学院北京协和医学院教授

• 中国医学科学院输血研究院前所长

• 中国红十字血液中心前主任

• 中国生物医学工程学会血液代用品分会名誉主任

• 国际人工细胞血液代用品与生物技术学会顾问


• 中国血液制品产业创新技术联盟秘书长兼研发工作委员会主任委员

• 中国输血协会血液制品专业委员会副主任委员

• 中国畜牧兽医学会公共卫生分会副理事长

• 国家农业部兽药审评专家

• 军队特需药品审评专家

Joseph Zimmermann,Ph.D

• President, Biodextris, Inc

• Director, New Product Development, GSK Vaccines (2005-2015)

• Protein purification development and manufacturiung

Olga L. Bockeria

• cientist, academician, professor and clinical trial expert with a successful career in both the business and academic sides of cardiology and electrophysiology.

Marvin L. Cohen Ph.D.

• Senior Scientist —Lawrence Berkeley NationalLaboratory

Alex Zettl Ph.D.

• Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

• American Physical Society.



• University of Pennsylvania

Lance Weed

• 30 years of extensive experience in the design, construction,process development,manufacturing and establishment of operation for biopharmaceutical facilities.

Prof. Benny Zee

• 香港中文大学临床研究及生物统计中心的中心主任

• 香港中文大学临床肿瘤学和统计系的名誉教授

• 香港中文大学及医管局新界东联网临床研究伦理委员会主席


Redpharm innovatively integrates domestic and foreign excellent resources, develop diversified innovation research through strategic alliance and project cooperation, enhance team research and develop ability and try to forge the world class innovative biopharmacy development company.