Redpharm (Beijing) biopharmaceutical Institute Co., Ltd

Redpharm (Beijing) biopharmaceutical Institute Co., Ltd is an R&D agency for biological products with independent operation and non-profit characteristic. It is founded by Redpharm associated with National Beijing biomedical innovation incubator base-Beijing Yizhuang Biomedical Park.

Redpharm (Beijing) biopharmaceutical Institute Co., Ltd is an independent research center which is the integrity of experiment, scientific research, and training. The laboratory of the research center is equipped with international top instrumentations for R&D of biological pharmacy. The construction of GMP (US and Europe) compliant facility for pilot manufacturing is also in active preparation under the guidance of our US team. We plan to develop innovative biological products that are in line with national conditions of China, and that have independent intellectual property rights, through technology transfer and local R&D.

Redpharm Biopharmaceutical Institutes

Through collecting abroad resources (team and technology), taking advantages of local land (hardware, people, and capital), Redpharm (Beijing) biopharmaceutical Institute Co., Ltd is devoted to injecting new power into the R&D field of global biological pharmaceutics, accelerating the transfer of fundamental research to clinical drugs, and becoming a significant pivot that interlinks the R&D of global biological drugs and the downstream clinical development.

R&D System

Promote effective R&D system. Accelerate the transfer of blood type biological products to clinical drugs.

R&D Guidance

Insist on ‘combining the generic and the innovative’ R&D guidance. Exert a long-term influence from the origin on the R&D of global new drugs.

R&D Mechanism

Establish innovative R&D mode and mechanism. Actively promote the scientific research of the biological pharmaceutical field, keeping continuous development.

R&D and production base of Redpharm (Qingdao)

  • Redpharm aims at building up a huge global production network. The R&D and production base in Qingdao is a very important component of this ‘global production network’. The R&D and production bases in Qingdao and North America form the foundation of R&D and production system.

  • The R&D production base of Redpharm (Qingdao) locates in Qingdao ‘Sino-German Ecopark’ where the international top companies converge. This base aims at R&D and production of high-end biological products. Phase I project covers an area of 100 mu, the investment of which is up to 160 million dollars. It will be designed and constructed as an integrated base of production, training, and research for biological products, represented by oxygen carrier Haemoglobin.

Redpharm R&d Production Base

Client Benefit

Redpharm always insist on the purpose of maximizing the benefit of clients and patients, collaborating closely with internal and external scientific research institutes, providing the optimal solutions of local production for clients and patients, and making efforts to realize synergistic effect increase.

Management and Control System

Redpharm establishes and perfects the integrative management and control system. We control our production through a digital system, realizing programmed control of production, automation of testing, channelization of transportation, and mechanization of packing.

Quality Supervision

Organize production in strict compliance with GMP rules. Strengthen the quality supervision and management throughout the production process. Establish quality supervision and testing agencies with first-class equipment for quality testing to form complete and accurate quality supervision and management system.

Matching Development Construction

Our base is also equipped with facilities for advanced technologies and processes. Intelligent logistics of storage, transportation, and marketing will be built up to realize the integrity of research, production, and marketing.